Dream Big 2

This is the second blog post about aging, feminism and being a woman.  It is by award winning author Donna Kaz.  This blog will post weekly in 2024.  Stay tuned!

Dream Big

This post is about aging.  It’s about being a woman and getting older.  It’s for all the bubbas and stada babbas and babushkas out there who are old ladies. Yes, I am an old lady and I am reclaiming that title.

The Mockingbird of 79th Street



To Walk In LA

Published in Step Away Magazine and nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Up On The Write – Blog

Welcome to UP ON THE WRITE. This is the blog of author Donna Kaz. I post about writing, reading, resisting and readiness. BOOKS ON MY NIGHT STAND – August 2020 Currently reading: This is What Democracy Looked Like: A Visual History of the Printed Ballott, 

JOAN excerpt


What No One Will Tell You

What No One Will Tell You About Having an Abortion by Donna Kaz He told me he wanted me to have it. He also told me he would never marry me. For a few days I kept silent about the fact that I wanted an 

Big Horn Passover