Guerrilla Girl, Author

Donna Kaz

DONNA KAZ is a multi-genre writer and the author of UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour. Along with her alter ego, Guerrilla Girl and Guerrilla Girl On Tour, Aphra Behn, she creates visual art and performance to attack sexism and prove feminists are funny at the same time. @donnakaz

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RECENT: 5 STAR REVIEW of UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour in BUST March/April 2017

As an aspiring playwright and actress arriving in N.Y.C. with stars in her eyes, Donna Kaz immediately experienced the industry sexism keeping women’s stories and meaningful roles off the stage. While working as a waitress, she met Bill Hurt, a successful stage and film actor. They began a seemingly fairytale romance, but it soon turned abusive. At this point, the memoir shifts to its real focus – Kaz’s involvement with the Guerrilla Girls, an anonymous, renegade feminist group that formed to protest sexism in the arts in 1985.

The tale of Kaz’s life as a feminist activist becomes interwoven with her tale of being in an abusive long-term relationship – her political enlightenment happens as she opens her eyes to the realities of her damaging home life. Her story is a compelling page-turner, packed with inspiring stories about the Guerrilla Girls’ plans and protests. But it’s also an inside look at a woman who allows herself to be trapped in a violent partnership. Kaz’s journey to find herself, both as an artist and as a woman, is an inspiring and enthralling one that also gives necessary credit and attention to the Guerrilla Girls. – Adrienne Urbanski

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August 24Rockford New Play Festival, Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center, Rockford, IL STAMINA, a ten minute play at 7PM (6PM EST) Watch it streamed LIVE!

September 3  –  ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST Decatur Book Festival, Atlanta, GA

September 14Performing Tribute 9/11, Ordinary People, Remarkable StoriesThe Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and the Common Ground Community present a unique commemoration of the anniversary of September 11, 2001: a staged reading of Performing Tribute 9/11 by Donna Kaz. 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church – 7PM 7 W 55th St, New York, NY FREE

September 24 – Reading, interview and book signing – UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour – Aphra Behn is interviewed by Rahne Alexander. Baltimore Book Festival 2PM. FREE

September 29ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTISTMontana Book Festival, Missoula, Montana 

October 5 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – William Paterson University, New Jersey

October 6 – IF YOU CAN STAND THE HEAT, The History of Women and Food – William Paterson Presents, New Jersey 8PM 

October 25UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour, Winner – Best Nonfiction Book of 2017 Devil’s Kitchen Literary Festival reading.

November 2-5 – Sag Harbor Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference, Long Island, NY

November 15 ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY at 2PM

December 29 – 31  London, UK 


February 21 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – SUNY Brockport, NY

March 1 PUSH/PUSHBACK, 9 Steps to make a difference with art and activism. University of Scranton, PA Hope Horn Gallery 5:30PM

March 5, 6 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – Florida


March 22 ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTISTGlen Cove Library, Glen Cove, NY at 7PM

April 9 PUSH/PUSHBACK, 9 Steps to make a difference with art and activism, Wilkes University, PA