My Assailant

December 16, 2013 Poetry Comments Off on My Assailant 449

Working Notes:

In 1992, I was living in Los Angeles and decided to volunteer to answer calls on the LA Rape and Battery Hotline. At the first training session, all the volunteers went around and introduced themselves. As each woman before me stood up to speak, she said her name and then added that she identified as a survivor of sexual assault. After three or four women spoke, it hit me for the very first time – I had been a victim of domestic violence and was also a survivor. For 13 years, I had downplayed and denied the abusive relationship I had once been in. The supportive women of the LA Commission on Assaults Against Women (now Peace Over Violence) helped me to work through what had happened to me. Writing about an intimate and personal perspective of terrorism was a part of that process.

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