Blame it on the Meatloaf

December 18, 2016 Musicals Comments Off on Blame it on the Meatloaf 483

A musical-in-progress

Book/Lyrics by Donna Kaz
Music by Ionel Petroi


Inspired by two events that occurred in the early 1960’s: the mythic Las Vegas stage show, the Rat Pack, and the publication of “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan, “LIVE! NUDE! GIRL”, takes place in 1960 where a midwestern housewife, Kit Stackpole, breaks down after making meatloaf for the 783rd time. Stifled by her narrow role as a homemaker, Kit suffers from what Betty Friedan described as “the problem that has no name,” or a sense of deep dissatisfaction with her life.  When her husband announces that he is off on a 5-day business trip to the most fabulous city on earth, Las Vegas, Kit secretly follows him with her mother and daughter in tow.

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Production History:

Clear Channel Theatricals (Commissioned)
The York Theatre Company (developmental reading)
Small Pond Productions (developmental reading)
New York Musical Theatre Festival (reading series)
New York Theatre Workshop (developmental reading)
CAP21 – 2013 developmental residency made possible by the Fund for New Musicals, NAMT