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The story of the young peasant girl who led an army to help crown a king and was burned at the stake for her efforts, the play incorporates Joan of Arc’s own words from letters, chronicles and testimony at her trial to create the living story of a fearless teen who was bound by her oath to God.  Movement, voice and sound come together in a series of fast-paced short scenes that flow like a live-action montage and switch genres and settings in a flash.  The result is a dynamic and exhilarating play based on historical fact.

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Production History:

Fortis Academy, CA – 2012
Coffeeville Community College, KS – 2005
Caxton Youth Theatre, UK – 2003
Regis College, MA – 2003
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, UK –  2001
Northeast Theatre Ensemble, PA – 2000 (Best Production of 2000 Award, Scranton Times)

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