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Kaz really is a graduate of the school of hard knocks, in the most literal and visceral sense. While an aspiring actress in 1970s Manhattan, Kaz began a lengthy affair with then up-and-coming actor, William Hurt, following him around the country as he landed one plum movie role after another. Idyllic it was not. Perceived as mere arm candy for Hurt, Kaz languished on the periphery of the industry, her talents as an actress and a playwright going unacknowledged. Even worse, as Hurt’s career escalated, so did his physical and psychological abuse. Some 20 years later, Kaz discovered the perfect vehicle for her talents, emotions, and frustrations when she joined the infamous and gutsy Guerrilla Girls, a cohort of innovative feminist activists that still uses unconventional methods to highlight the sexism that was and is rampant in the arts. In this often hilarious yet heartbreaking memoir, Kaz chronicles both her courageous struggle to overcome deep-seated emotional trauma and her ongoing involvement as a fierce advocate for women’s rights both in the theater and in life.

  • Carol Haggas, Booklist

Kaz is a vivid writer and presenter. Her timely memoir deals with her evolution from abused woman (actor William Hurt) to feminist-activist Guerrilla Girl. At her reading (Book Soup, L.A.) she held the audience close and offered the first sane, creative post-election advise I’ve heard.”

  • Daniela Kuper, Author

Daniela Kuper, author of “Hunger and Thirst”

The Wanderer is an upbeat, one-act play full of complex emotions about the culture shock that comes from moving from New York City to Los Angeles.

  • The Santa Monica OUTLOOK

Raw, physical and bursting with energy, JOAN will make you sweat!

  • Electric City, Scranton 

Kaz’s JOAN dodges romantic traps and takes the early feminist’s life story in a new direction, rooted solidly in history.

  • American Theatre Magazine

JOAN is an amazing, brilliant show where every element has come together in perfect alignment. The story avoids epic overkill and goes straight to the heart of the human behind the myth.

  • The Stage, UK

Snappy, funny scripting and a moving plot will make JOAN a hit at this year’s fringe.

  • Radio Forth, UK

PERFORMING TRIBUTE 9/11 shows the heroism of people who have chosen to respond to devastation and hatred with quiet determination and a belief that they can and will make the world a better place.

  • Michael Arad,  Designer of the World Trade Center Memorial

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Ask people to polish our Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Award for the Arts 2010.

  • Yoko Ono

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