Food – The Musical

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Book/Lyrics by Donna Kaz
Music by Gerald Stockstill

Synopsis: FOOD, the musical is a culinary feast of song and comedy featuring 5 short musicals all about food. The Costco Contessa tapes her own TV show, unveiling her secrets to making delicious meals from bulk ingredients. Aman convicted of aggravated assault learns how to make a soufflé as part of his anger management class. And breakfast in the Ethel Merman home is a lot more than Ernest Borgnine bargained for during their 32-day marriage. Songs about suppertime, soup, and celebrity chefs provide tasty morsels in between each of the shorts.

“Food, the musical” is the winner of the Tenth Annual New Jersey Playwrights Contest -Musical Series. The contest supports the work of musical theatre writers in the tri-state area.

Produced by William Patterson University in the Hunziker Black Box Theatre in June of 2014.

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I Want To Be Chef

Like Ina



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Blame it on the Meatloaf

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A musical-in-progress

Book/Lyrics by Donna Kaz
Music by Ionel Petroi


Inspired by two events that occurred in the early 1960’s: the mythic Las Vegas stage show, the Rat Pack, and the publication of “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan, “LIVE! NUDE! GIRL”, takes place in 1960 where a midwestern housewife, Kit Stackpole, breaks down after making meatloaf for the 783rd time. Stifled by her narrow role as a homemaker, Kit suffers from what Betty Friedan described as “the problem that has no name,” or a sense of deep dissatisfaction with her life.  When her husband announces that he is off on a 5-day business trip to the most fabulous city on earth, Las Vegas, Kit secretly follows him with her mother and daughter in tow.

Read Excerpt:

LNG Musical Excerpt

Production History:

Clear Channel Theatricals (Commissioned)
The York Theatre Company (developmental reading)
Small Pond Productions (developmental reading)
New York Musical Theatre Festival (reading series)
New York Theatre Workshop (developmental reading)
CAP21 – 2013 developmental residency made possible by the Fund for New Musicals, NAMT

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October 14, 2016 Musicals Comments Off on KING ME 594

A Screenplay 

SYNOPSIS: A 1950’s transgender Vegas singer’s career depends on both his ability to prove his manhood and keep a gorgeous broad from stealing his spotlight.

Boundary Stone Screenwriting Award (2015)

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