About Donna Kaz

DONNA KAZ is a multigenre writer and the author of Performing Tribute 9/11; The Wanderer; Waiting; Food, the Musical; and JOAN, voted Best Production of 2000 by the Scranton Times. Her alter ego, Aphra Behn, is a performer, a playwright, a producer, and the artistic director of Guerrilla Girls On Tour! They both live in New York City.

RECENT: Donna Kaz’s debut book, UN/MASKED, Memoirs of a Guerrilla Girl On Tour publishes on November 1, 2016. UN/MASKED is the surprising 25-year journey of a young, New York City actress swept off her feet by rising star Willian Hurt who carries her to Malibu and back for a three-plus year love affair that is both fantastical and physically dangerous. When Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are murdered in Brentwood she hears a bell go off, awakening her angry, activist spirit. Always an outsider, she takes one step further into invisibility and becomes a Guerrilla Girl, a feminist activist who never appears in public without wearing a rubber gorilla mask and who uses the name of a dead woman artist instead of her own. As a Guerrilla Girl, Aphra Behn creates comedic art and theater that blasts the blatant sexism of the theater world while proving feminists are funny at the same time.

These two narratives—that of a young victim of domestic violence at the hands of a successful actor and that of an artist so fed up with sexism in the theater world that she puts on a gorilla mask and takes the name of a dead woman artist to provoke change—have been lived by one woman. Donna Kaz offers her compelling firsthand account—illuminated by more than thirty behind-the-scenes photographs, stickers and posters —of her transition from a silent observer to an unapologetic activist.

This is the memoir of a woman-turned-survivor-turned-radical-feminist who takes off her mask and, by merging her identities, reveals all.

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February 7 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – Venus Theatre, Washington, DC  (Reading and Book Signing with Donna Kaz. I am honored to receive Venus Theatre’s Lifetime Achievement Award)

February 9 – 11 – AWP Conference Washington DC. 

February 18 – One Day Intensive Workshop: Find the Narrative Arc in Memoir – Sarah Lawrence College 10 – 3PM 

March 1 – American Renaissance Theatre Company presents Stamina by Donna Kaz in their Winter Works Reading Series, New York, NY 

March 1 – The Leonard Lopate Show WNYC.org. 68% of theater tickets are purchased by women, yet plays by women are not produced. “What’s the problem?” http://dld.bz/f3MJz

March 6 – Beginnings Restaurant, Atlantic Beach, NY Book Club – (Reading and Book Signing with Donna Kaz)

March 8  – Eastchester Barnes and Noble, Scarsdale, NY – (Celebrate International Women’s Day!  A Reading and Book Signing with Donna Kaz)

March 15  – LIVING WELL SHOW radio program 4PM 

March 17 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – South Carolina

March 25 – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST  at Northern Arizona University, Associated Students for Women’s Issues Conference. 


April 7 –  ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – The New Museum, NY 

April 27 –  ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – Southern California 

May 2 – –  ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – Northern California 

May 5 & 6 – ASJA Conference, New York City 

June – ACT LIKE A FEMINIST ARTIST – New York City – Women in Theatre Festival (WITFestNYC)